We're so glad that you have found us!  Perhaps you've just stumbled across our page online or maybe you've visited us a few times (in person or online).  Regardless, we're thrilled that you chosen to spend some time with us today. We hope to get to know you better, and that together we will reach our city for Jesus and see lives transformed by the gospel.


We believe Sunday mornings should be one of the best hours of your child’s week!  Through worship, engaging Bible presentations and group activities, we help kids know Jesus as their forever friend.


Worship is the act of giving God the honor and praise He deserves. One of the ways we do that is through the form of music. During this portion of the service, most people will stand during the songs, sing along, and some might raise their hands. You are welcome to engage at your comfort level. .


A member of our teaching team will share a brief message that is part of a current collection of talks. This message will be based off  Scripture and is meant to encourage and challenge you as you come to know who Jesus is and become all He has created you to be.


The Connect Counter is our information hub.
We believe you come alive through connecting with others,
participating in events, serving together, and doing life with
others through Heights Groups.
Stop by and see us and learn more. 


On the first Sunday of each month, we receive communion. A sealed communion cup with cracker will be offered to you as you enter the worship center. Communion is a time to remember that because Jesus died and rose again, we are able to be in relationship with God. The cracker is symbolic of Jesus body and the grape juice is symbolic of Jesus blood. You are invited to participate as you feel comfortable. 

Tithes & Offering

We do not pass offering baskets on Sunday mornings. Instead, an offering box is located by our Connect Counter. Those who call Heights Church "home" give recognizing that every thing is a gift from God. Giving is also available through the Give tab or via our Heights Church App. If you are our guest, please do not feel obligated to give anything.


We believe prayer is simply talking to God.   After each service, we have a prayer team that would love to meet you, hear your request, and pray together with you. Prayer request cards are also located in the seat backs of the chairs. You can write down your request and drop the card in the offering box by the Connect Counter.  

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